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Appointments for Bridal Shoppers

We want to assist in making your day as special as you are and give you our dedicated attention. Tuesdays through Thursdays are the least busy shopping days, with Fridays and Saturday being the highest traffic days.  To better help all of our shopping customers, we require appointments. 

Appointments receive one hour fitting room time, and we must prepare the room for the next appointment.

Group number will be asked while making appointments. One person is allowed to assist you in the fitting room and browsing the gowns, while the others can have a seat on the large bench!  We do not currently have a child or minimum age allowed requirement, though we will ask that children remain with a guardian the entire time while in store due to many breakable items. 

Please call 701.639.2146 during business hours to schedule an appointment!

Appointment FAQs:

Q: Who should I bring with me to my appointment?

A: Bring the people whose opinions you value most! When it comes to choosing a dress, more is not always merrier! You’ll want to bring guests who understand your style, give supportive feedback, and will help you look and feel your best. Hearing too many opinions can be overwhelming for even the most confident person. Due to space requirements, and other shopping guests, we request that you bring no more than five guests.

Q: When should I arrive for my appointment?

A: Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time. Arriving early for your appointment will not allow you more time to shop for your gown as other shoppers may be concluding their fitting room time. Similarly, late arrival’s appointments will end at their scheduled time regardless of the time they began their shopping.

Q: What should I wear to my appointment?

A: Keep it simple! As you’ll be changing in and out of gowns, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing and footwear that is easy to slip on and off. Other suggestions to assist in the try on process include wearing minimal jewelry (to prevent snagging on a dress), minimal makeup (to prevent dress stains), and bringing a hair tie. For sanitary reasons, underwear is required for trying on gowns. All guests who enter the fitting rooms must abide by the shoe-free fitting room rule.

Q: How do I know my dress size?

A: Most formal dresses run small and slightly different, but we recommend that you start trying on dresses starting one to two sizes larger than you buy in jeans or street size. We also recommend trying the next size up since the majority of our gowns have possibly been altered.

Q: Can I get a dress you posted on social media?

A: If you show us a photo, we can let you know if we still have it in inventory. We cannot order any gowns, to include other sizes. Many of our items could be discontinued and no longer available for purchase or order from any store. If we know your style though, we can find a similar style for you.

Walk-in Shoppers

We will gladly assist walk-in shoppers IF we have the fitting rooms available! We may let you know if there is a wait and approximately how long it is. We only schedule 1 bridal appointment at a time to be able to utilize the other fitting room at the same time.  If we are currently with a bridal party and another bride walks-in, we will discuss time options for you! Just stop at the front desk.

Please call 701.639.2146 during business hours with any questions or to schedule an appointment!

Appointments for Consignors

Currently, we are requiring appointment for consignment intake.

Not only to avoid large numbers gathering in a smaller area, we want to ensure we have help available to you right away! We also would like to discuss your items with you in advance over the phone.

We need you to pre-inspect your items at home in a well-lit room to avoid denial due to soiling, make-up, deodorant, minor flaws, and such. Many items can be laundered or spot cleaned at home if you did not have the items dry-cleaned. There are many tutorials and blogs online in regard to cleaning formalwear and items at home based on the material of your items!

Please call 701.639.2146 during business hours to schedule an appointment!