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Bridal Gown Information

Due to many bridal gowns not selling from either age or specific alterations, our guidelines on acceptance have been updated.

To keep with current, in other store, trends and styles, we ask that bridal gowns are within three years of age. Gowns beyond four to five years are not the current styles that brides are seeing online and in stores, nor shopping for due to constant changes in the trends of the ever-changing bridal industry.

We cannot sell any vintage (considered 40 years+) and/or retro (20 years+)  gowns

and have no recommendations for you other than donating.

We ask for clean gown - so if it has not been cleaned previously and you would like to know if we can accept it before hand, that is understandable. We can also supply some recommendations for you!

We will not consign "custom" or standard size wedding gowns ordered from online mass-produced retailers (eg: Amazon, JJ’s House, Ada's Bridal, TB Dress, Light In The Box, Wedding Dress, and others similar). 

We no longer accept size 0 or 2; they must be NWT size 4 or larger.

If any other size has been altered to a size 4 or below, we will no longer accept those either.

Altered below 5'4" height are extremely hard sells and will no longer be accepted.  We will measure specific lengths during the inspection for consideration. We do take into account a small heel height for all dresses.

Worn and altered David's Bridal gowns will be considered on a case-by-case basis, with many not being accepted; These gowns are greatly discounted after each season and are hard to sell next to new David's Bridal and/or higher designer gowns.

Consignment Submission

Bridal Gown consignment must be submitted through email for consideration before being brought in for inspection due to too many rejections from age and/or styles.

Email must contain as much info as possible to help identify:

Location or store purchased from
Year purchased
Worn or Not worn
Off the rack, Sample sale, or Ordered
Cleaned or Not Cleaned
Retail price at time of purchase
Your price paid

Alterations made, including height

Items added to dress (such as belt, sleeves, etc.)
Info from receipt or tags on dress (brand, style number, size, etc.)
Photos of dress, tags, and receipt if still available

Appointment Information

Consignment appointments usually take about 15 minutes. We inspect your dress, discuss pricing, and fill out a contract.

During the appointment, we’ll give you honest advice on how much we think your dress is likely to sell for. The year, size, condition, retail price and style are all factored into the agreed upon price. Once your dress sells you will receive payment for 50% of the agreed-upon listing price.

>>Once-worn and sample wedding dresses are usually priced at around 40-50% off retail.
>>New, current styles wedding dresses in perfect condition may be priced higher.