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Consign your bridal gown with ws

Connecting past and future brides with bridal gowns in a safe environment with several payment options.

To get the most out of your consigning experience, here are a few tips:

- We recommend the bridal gowns have been purchased within the last 6 years.  This is to keep with current trends and styles, and what brides are seeking.  The items will be inspected for flaws, cleanliness, and suitability for the store’s needs. Items must be ready for sale and use,

with no worries for the future bride if any spots or stains will come out.

- Many bridal consignment throughout the U.S. and Canada follow different rules, many of which are three to five years of age.  Please do not be upset if we cannot accept a vintage or dated gown.

- You may also pre-read the consignment contract on the "About Us" page to understand what we will ask you to sign in store.

Bridal Consignment FAQs:

Q: Do I need an appointment to consign items?

A: See Appointments page under About Us.

Q: What items do you consign?

A: We consign all types of bridal gowns, from formal to informal. All sizes and price ranges may be accepted - as long as they are within current styles and resale ready. We no longer accept online brands such as JJ's House, Hebeos, BabyOnlineDress, Light in the Box, Ever-Pretty, and Ada's Bridal, just to name a few.

Q: How should I bring my gown in?

A: Items must be clean and on a hanger.  Gowns must be in new or like-new and resale-ready condition. We do not do any cleaning, mending, steaming, or repairs; they must be odor free, wrinkle free, and have no stains, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, or tears or torn seams.  Boxed gowns are recommended to be un-boxed at home to ensure it is still in sell-able condition. If any boxes are brought into the store, the customer will be responsible to cut the seal, understanding we may not take the item after opened, and take the box with them for storage or disposal.

Q: How do you come up with the selling price?

A: All prices will be determined to achieve fair and affordable prices for buyers, and will agreed upon by both consignor and Formally Yours, with recommendations based off of age, style, and condition. We base prices off of the retail value (and/or current retail if still available) without taxes and/or alterations (the new owner will likely pay both also!)  If you have information or a receipt on the gown purchase, this helps save time in store.

Q: How much do I get paid once it sells?

A: Formally Yours pays 50% of the selling price after the items have sold. $99 and under is paid out in store with cash. Checks will be issued for $100 or more on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month and will be mailed to the address provided on the contract.

Q: What if I change my name, address, or phone number?

A: Just give us a call to update your information.

Q: What if my bridal gown doesn't sell?

A: If your item does not sell, you have 15 days from end of contract to stop in to retrieve your item or sign a new contract. After that time, items become property of Formally Yours (see contract).

Q: Can I renew my consignment contract if it doesn't sell?

A: Yes, most items will have the option of reconsignment, if you wish, and we can discuss possible

options at expiration. Renewal terms receive 40% of the selling price.

Q: I could get more if I sold it myself online, why?

A: The price is based on a value we feel is fair to both you and a buyer of pre-loved bridal gowns. In a sense, you are renting a space to find a buyer who wants the same style, color, and size dress you once loved. We also offer buyers a safe, reliable, and friendly environment to view and try on these pre-loved items, promote and market you items online, and also must take into costs associated with having a store for shoppers.

Q: Will my price go down if you have sales or promotions?

A: No. Bridal gowns will not be discounted or included in any sales that may take place within Formally Yours.

Q: What if I change my mind and want my bridal gown back?

A: If you wish to pull your consigned item from our store before the contract end date, a 5% fee (of said item sale price) will be due at time of pick-up.

Q: Are there other fees associated with Formally Yours?

A: No. There is no fee to have us look at items, consign items or pick up items that do not sell.

Q: What if you don't accept my item?

A: Formally Yours will inspect items for flaws, cleanliness, and suitability for the store’s needs. Items for resale must be in current style and in clean and acceptable condition, ready for resale. If the item is not accepted due to cleanliness or repair, you are more than welcome to bring the item back once remedied. We want to ensure a future bride does not worry about any spots or stains coming out!

Q: Can I pick up my check?

A: You are welcome to pick up your check if you have called to check the status of your gown and find it has sold. You must inform the store at that time that you wish to pick it up, though the check will still only be available for pick up on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.

Q: Can someone return my gown after they purchase it?

A: No. All sales are final. Because we have to pay your share of the sale, we are not able to accept returns on consigned items, so that's one less thing for you to worry about!

Q: May I ship you my items?

A: No. We need the seller in person to gather information and enter into our system. We will not consign any items by shipment.

Q: If I have someone else bring my items in for me, can I still get paid?

A: No. The person bringing in the items to sell will be the person entered into our system for payment.

Q: What if I don't pick up my dress, or can't get back in to do so?

A: From the date of consignment contract, items must be picked up within 15 days of contract end date or become property of Formally Yours. If you wish to have someone else pick it up for you, you must call to give us a name of the person you gave permission to and assigned to pick up for you. They will need to show ID and sign the contract as the responsibly party, along with their phone number.

Q: I've tried selling my items online myself, and now with you. What do I do with them if no one buys them?

A: We have a large number of great not-for-profit organizations and thrift shores in the area! You are welcome and encouraged to research and find one that you may want to donate your items to!