FAQs - This page is being updated!

Q: Do I need an appointment to consign items?

A: No, no appointment is needed.  If you have more than 10 items, please allow yourself enough time or feel free to drop the items off and stop back in once inspected!

Q: What item do you take?

A: We carry a variety of bridal and formal wear clothing, shoes, and accessories. If you would like to see our inventory, please visit our Facebook page which is updated with photos regularly!

Q: How should I bring my gown in?

A: Items must be clean and on a hanger. Boxed gowns will not be accepted, though you are welcome to un-box it at home to ensure it is still in sell-able condition. Gowns must be odor free, wrinkle free, and have no stains, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, or tears or torn seams; They must be in new or like-new and resale-ready condition. We do not do any cleaning, mending, steaming, or repairs.

Q: How do you come up with the price you sell items at?

A: All prices are marked after researched to find comparable prices of items online. All items are priced, for buyers, below retail value, with an average starting price of 25% off of new with tags, 30% off of new without tags, and 50% off of used recommended retail prices. (Similar stores usually start their prices at one-third of retail prices, but almost all of our items have only been worn once, if at all!) We also will occasionally run sales and promotions on season items or once specific categories become full.

Q: How often do you accept new inventory and do you take items year round?

A: Our inventory changes as often as people come in to shop, so our needs change daily.  Seasonal items such as homecoming and prom will be determined upon viewing of the item.  Many are "crossover" dresses that can be sold year-round, though some are not.

Q: What if you don't accept my item?

A: Formally Yours will inspect items for flaws, cleanliness, and suitability for the store’s needs.  Items for resale must be in current style and in clean and acceptable condition, ready for resale.  If the item is not accepted due to cleanliness, you are more than welcome to bring the item back once it has been cleaned.

Q: Are prices offered negotiable?

A: Selling prices are not negotiable, though very recent designs and high-end items will be discussed with the consignor.  We must be comfortable with the percentage off retail to ensure buyers are getting a fair price on pre-loved items.

Q: How will I be paid?

A: Payment methods are listed in the contract page.

Q: May I ship you my items?

A: No.  We need the consignor in person to gather information and enter into our system.  We will not consign any items by shipment.

Q: What if I change my name, address, or phone number?

A: Just give us a call or stop in and we will be happy to update your information.

Q: If I have someone else bring my items in for me, can I still get paid?

A: The person bringing in the items to consign will be the person receiving payment upon sale of the items.

Q: I've tried selling my items online myself first, and now with you.  Now what?

A: We have a large number of great not-for-profit organizations and thrift shores in the area!  You are welcome and encouraged to research and find one that you may want to donate your items to!