Selling FAQs

Q: Do I need an appointment to sell items?

A: We have began scheduling appointments, but also have specific days and hours that we will purchase items on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you have a lot of items, please ensure you have enough time as the process may take a bit, especially if we are helping others.  Please watch the home page for each month's seller schedule.

Q: What item do you take?

A: We carry a variety of clothing, accessories, décor, and more. Items may be purchased or handmade, and may or may not be found anywhere else.  If you would like to see our inventory, please see the Shop/Gallery page.  For a full list, please see the Sell/What we Take page.

Q: How do you come up with the price you offered me and also the selling price?

A: All prices offered to and accepted by sellers will be determined to achieve fair and affordable prices for buyers, and all items are researched to find comparable prices of items online. All items are priced, for buyers, below retail value, with an average starting price of 25% off of new with tags, 30% off of new without tags, and 50% off of used recommended retail prices. (Similar stores usually start their prices at one-third of retail prices, but almost all of our items have only been worn once, if at all!) We are only able to offer one-forth to one-third of that determined resale price, based on the store needs. We have to base our research off of current available prices as we do not know if items were purchased during sales or coupon events.

Q: I paid way more than the price you offered to me, why?

A: We offer you a value we feel is fair to both you and a buyer of affordable pre-loved items - if prices are marked too closely to regular retail, many will purchase new or wait for sales and events.  All risk is assumed by us until we find a buyer who wants the same style, color, and size dress you once loved.  We also must take into consideration credit card processing and sales taxes, sales and possible markdowns.  We encourage you to sell your items online to make the most money, and, if you have little or no luck, will welcome you into our store after that!

Q: How often do you accept new inventory?

A: Our inventory changes as often as people come in to shop.  We will purchase new inventory on all of our set selling days, depending on the acceptability of the item and the current need in the store.  Watch the bottom of the home page for each month's Seller's Schedule!

Q: What if you don't accept my item?

A: Formally Yours will inspect items for flaws, cleanliness, and suitability for the store’s needs.  Items for resale must be in current style and in clean and acceptable condition, ready for resale.  If the item is not accepted due to cleanliness, you are more than welcome to bring the item back once it has been cleaned.

Q: Are prices offered negotiable?

A: Selling prices offered are not negotiable.  We must be comfortable with the percentage of retail markup to ensure buyers are getting a fair price on pre-loved items.

Q: How will I be paid?

A: You will be paid cash for items up to $200.  Anything above that amount will be paid by check.

Q: May I ship you my items?

A: No.  We need the seller in person to gather information and enter into our system.  We will not purchase any items by shipment.

Q: If I have someone else bring my items in for me, can I still get paid?

A: The person bringing in the items to sell will be the person receiving the cash and itemized receipt.

Q: I've tried selling my items online myself first, and now with you.  Now what?

A: We have a large number of great not-for-profit organizations and thrift shores in the area!  You are welcome and encouraged to research and find one that you may want to donate your items to!