The Background

"Finding a re-purpose for all things formal."

An Idea Is Born

Formally Yours was conceptualized on an idea Jill had when shopping for her own wedding while trying to find items while trying to remain on budget; and then trying to sell some of the items afterward. Online sites offer a way to connect buyers with sellers, but, many times, buyers may not have the time to watch the sites, have to contact several sellers to get all the items needed, and have to arrange a meeting time and place that works for both parties. Some buyers and seller may have a change of heart or some may no-show or sell to another party; Others may find it awkward to arrange a way to try on clothing - especially when making such an important and emotional purchase.

Over a Decade in the Making

Years later, the dream never died.  Jill still considered the need for affordable options in a multi-billion dollar industry with statistics that showed average wedding costs continues to rise annually, even though wedding sizes decreases respectively.  Studies also showed that dress shopping was trending back to physical stores after being online for quite some time - because the worldwide web became too big and too unreliable.  Not only did this idea make sense for those looking to stay on budget, but also for those looking to re-purpose new and like-new pre-loved items!  Similar stores in the area very rarely take formal wear clothing, and do not take decor at all, making the only option for these items to sell online or donate.